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Senior Driving School
Couple of senior driving school students

Being a senior is probably the most important phase when you want to learn how to drive. It is the part of life where it is not that easy for us to get the information in our brains. That is why getting driving lessons when you are a senior must be a priority, in order to teach one of the first responsibilities, which is personal security and the security of others.


Usually for seniors is a bit easier than adults to be able to cope with the theoretical part of the driving school. This is because they already are used to learning from books and then taking a test and their memory has practiced enough to remember things in a fresher way. As for adults that have left the whole book process in the high school years, it might be a bit harder to be in a class and learn the theory, for seniors is easier. The senior driving school teaches seniors how to be responsible drivers.


Once the seniors have gone through the theory process where they have learned all the traffic rules and traffic signs, staring from the simple ones to the complicated ones, it is time for them to go through the testing process where they are going to have to answer questions about what they learned. The questions in the tests are usually about the traffic signs, the traffic rules, and the personal security questions. If a senior fails the test by exceeding the number of mistakes required to pass the test, then the senior can redo the test again after some weeks.

Provisory Practice

Differently from adults where the practice process might start immediately in the city, at our senior driving school in Windsor the first phase of the practice is provisory practice and it is done in the environments of the school. The student gets behind a steering wheel with the instructor in the passenger’s seat, and he starts doing practice in an empty parking lot where there are different kinds of trials he or she has to pass. Based on the performance, the instructor takes notes which are important later for an evaluation of the student. If the senior passes this phase then he is qualified for city practice.

City Practice

Once the senior has successfully passed through the theory, the tests and the provisory practice, then it is important for the senior to go through the final stage of learning how to drive. This is called city practice and it the part where the student along with the instructor in the passenger’s seat takes the car in the city, for the senior to get used to driving like a normal adult. There are some certain tests that the students might go through in order to prove that he or she is ready to receive the driver’s license.