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G2 Test Practice/Lessons
Sideview of one of our windsor driving school cars

The G2 test is the road test and it is usually the most important test towards becoming a great driver. There are a lot of people on the internet asking about how you can pass the G2 test and the topic is so widespread that it is kind of impossible to trust any of the ‘specialists’ on YouTube. The truth of the matter is, you can only pass the test through hard studying and practice. That’s it. There is no easy way around it. Our driving school in Windsor is more than happy to assist you with anything regarding the G2 test.


Restudy the theory that you have been studying for the last months. Go back to the book and read it again and again. Go to your notes and read them, write them again if necessary to be able to remember them correctly. If that is not enough, you can search the internet for free trial tests that you can do. These tests are similar to the 40 theoretical tests, where you can practice every day until you get it right a certain amount of times. The reason for this is because when you are on the road and you don’t know the meaning of a street sign, you have no time to let go of the steering wheel and open the book to see what the explanation says. So you want to be prepared beforehand.

G2 Drivetest Windsor Practice

If you have a friend/family member who has a car, and you have a G1 license, make sure to practice every day. Take the car with your friend/family member, (who has a full G driver’s license for 5 years), and go out in an open space, away from the residential areas with licensed person sitting next to you at all time. Start practicing there in order to get more and more comfortable behind the steering wheel. Make sure you do a couple of simulations that you think the instructor is going to do on you. Of course you can also call upon our professional driving instructors for your driving lessons. The practice is the key and if you practice long enough and maintain consistency in practicing every day, then you will be more than ready for the test.


The test usually lasts for twenty minutes and it is a ride around the city with several trials that the instructor might do on you. Supposing that you have practiced everything before, you might be ready when the instructor says to do parallel parking or to take a sudden turn. The test is the key to getting a driver’s license. Once you pass the test then you have proved to yourself that you are a complete driver.


The instructor might ask you random questions while you are driving the car. Your answers to these questions are the key to the notes that the instructor is going to write down for you. The questions might be related to the traffic rules, or to why you have just done what you did. If you are prepared enough then you can look like a champion by the end of the test. That is why in the beginning it is advisable to practice and to study to the maximum effect.