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G1 Test Practice/Lessons
Two clients practicing their G1 test

A G1 test is done for those who are in the process of learning how to drive. Usually, the G1 test is the first test that everyone in the driving school goes through. Once you manage to successfully pass the test then you will get equipped with a G1 learner’s license, which is a license that proves that you are in the process of learning how to drive, but not a fully skilled driver.


The G1 test starts from the theory based on the Official MTO Drivers Handbook, where you have to learn all about the driving rules, the traffic rules, you have to memorize the meaning of the traffic signs and other rules in general. This whole process might last a couple of months as you get equipped with the right textbook and you start learning at home about the rules that you need to follow while behind a steering wheel. Once you fully learn and understand the theory, then you will need to go through the test which will then lead you to the practice.


For G1 students, the practice is done only after they have successfully passed through the theory and the test. The important thing about the practice is that there are certain rules that a G1 student cannot exceed. Rules like driving at night which is not allowed for those who have a G1 license. It is important that a G1 student learns this set of rules in order to avoid any problems or complications in the future. These rules are explained during the theory session and practiced continuously during the practice session for the student to be equipped with the right knowledge.


One of the greatest fears that those who register for a driver’s license have, is passing the test. There are many of those who register in the driver’s school, go through the theory and then fail in the test. Because of this, we have our experts who make sure to constantly advise students to be diligent and study at home everything that they learn in class. They must take notes and read them at home every day in order to not struggle when the test day arrives. Once the student passes the test then the student is eligible for practice and once the practice is done, the student will be equipped with the G1 license.


The questions involved in the G1 test are a total number of 40 and they are divided into groups of 20. The questions are only with alternatives, (you probably remember the ‘choose the right option’ from school), and they are mainly about what the student has been studying during the whole process. The first group of 20 questions is about road signs where the student has to identify the right sign for the right explanation of the sign. The second part of the test is about the traffic rules where the student has to find the right answer.