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Defensive Driving School
A happy driving school student looking through the side window of one of our cars

Defensive driving lessons go further than just learning about traffic rules and about traffic signs. Defensive driving lessons are created to save lives and to protect you from a collision before it happens. There are a lot of guidelines that must be learned in order to be safe and sane while driving. Safe driving is not a coincidence and those who almost never collided while driving are the ones who fully understood the rules of defensive driving. The rules are about watching a protecting not only yourself but also other drivers.

Traffic Crashes

Around 41,000 thousand people lose their lives every year due to car accidents. Most of these collisions are done by alcohol consumption while driving. The effects of a collision can have a long term emotional and psychological effect on those involved. A lot more people are injured during a collision taking the number up to 3,000,000 people per year. These numbers are staggering and the aim of defensive driving lessons is to avoid these tragic situations where people lose their lives or their relatives.

Psychological Factors

While driving a car, a driver faces a lot of psychological factors that might influence the way the driver behaves on the road. The aim of defensive driving learning is to reduce the negative psychological factors such as fatigue, emotional distress or road rage. One’s mind and heart must be relaxed and focused while driving because one wrong move can be the reason for a tragic collision. That is why is advisable for those who suffer from psychological conditions such as anxiety to not get behind a steering wheel unless they feel calm. When you are driving at a high speed, the level of focus must be really high.

Human Factors

Our defensive driving school in Windsor teaches students about all the effects of drug and alcohol use while driving and why it's important to avoid these. Like I said, the most important reason why drivers collide with each other is the use of alcohol and drugs while driving. Another factor that defensive driving teaches is about drivers who suffer from low blood pressure caused by a condition such as diabetes, or even drivers who might suffer from a heart condition. These are all human factors that must be known before one takes on the responsibility of going out on the road.

Safety Equipment

Almost half of deaths from automobilist crashes can be avoided if the people in the car are educated about the safety equipment they must use while inside the car. This includes education on using the seatbelt which can be a lifesaving tool if one has it on. The other equipment is those that a car must have such as airbags or child safety seats and headrests to make sure that the people inside the car are somewhat protected during a collision.