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Adult Driving School
Adult Driver taking driving lessons, point of view on the dashboard

We are a licensed and certified driving school with years of expertise in our field.  Being able to drive is essential in those hectic situations where you're late for work or if you have kids that you need to take to school. So you have to be a good driver and learn every rule about security.


Like everything else in this life when you want to learn something you start from theory. You start from learning the basic traffic rules, the basic car functions and so on, until you move to upper and more complex lessons, like knowing traffic signs and who is allowed to pass the road first. All of this information is essential and can be life-saving for someone who is looking forward to learning how to drive. You don’t want to misinterpret a traffic sign and do something that can be a potential threat of an accident. That is why we make sure that you learn all the basics.

In Class Testing

Once you have attended the theory classes is will be time for the test. This is also an important phase of the whole ‘getting my driver’s license’ process. You will have to study at home and you will have to prepare for the test because it has a certain amount of mistakes that you should not exceed or else you might fail it. For this reason, we advise all of our students to learn from day one and prepare, reading the book and going through the lessons, this way when the testing day comes, it will be much easier to remember certain things.


You know how they say that practice makes perfect. Well, we don’t quite believe in that. We want to be realistic and from a realistic point of view, perfection doesn’t exist. That is why we say that practice makes improvement. This is the part where you get behind a steering wheel for driving lessons and along with your instructor on the passenger’s seat you start learning all the “how-to’s” of driving a car. From parking to take a curve in the right way, from inner-city driving to highway driving, you have the chance to practice all of what you have learned in theory. Careful, since this phase might be a tricky one and your instructor might advise the wrong thing, (like parking in a place for disabled people). Always follow what you have learned in class.

Driver’s License

Once you have gone through the whole process, the theory, the tests, and the practice, now you are an eligible adult and you are ready to take the driver’s license. This procedure might last for a couple of weeks, and you will have to do a photo as well as all the other procedures, (like blood analysis), to finally get the card which proves that you are able finally to drive a car. We got you covered with our Adult Driving School in Windsor lessons, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.