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Expert Windsor Driving School

Windsor Driving School

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We take pride in being one of the best driving schools in town. We know how important it is to learn how to drive and to acquire the proper skill. Learning how to drive is not only about being a complete adult, it is also about being safe and secure while doing it. You want to know everything about the street rules, the traffic signs, and also have the proper education about defensive driving. We have a team of highly professional instructors who teach you step by step and make sure that you are a complete driver, ready to hit the road.

About Us

We are one of the best driving schools in Windsor. Taking the driver’s license is a decision that everyone has to take in their life sooner or later. It is essential for our social and working life, especially if you are taking public transportation to go to work for the moment. Maybe you don’t have your own car yet, but still knowing how to drive is a step that gives you the knowledge, and knowledge is the most important asset you can acquire in today’s world. You can have your driver’s license and rent a car to go somewhere. But if you don’t have it you cannot use a car or know how to drive a car.

Our Services

I have heard from many people in my life that once you are a driver, you are somehow scared when you are in a car that someone else is driving. This is because you have received a different training from a different instructor, and what another driver would do on the road, you would do it differently. I never like to go fast while on the road. It is not safe for me. I’d rather stay within the speed limit or ten miles below the limit then be above it. This is because I received proper training from a very professional instructor who taught me how to be safe while driving.

One of our students practicing for her G1 driving test

Teen Driving School

It is estimated that more young people die in car accidents than anyone else. That’s why it is important for teens to get a proper education about driving. Teen must learn not only the basic theory about driving but also the practice side. They must be educated to respect the traffic rules and to stay safe while driving. Since are the teens the ones who tend to exceed the speed limits, our driving school in Windsor prepares teens for road safety.

Adult driving school student sitting in a classroom

Adult Driving School

We give driving lessons for adults who are interested in learning how to drive. We make sure that you learn the basics of driving and you receive proper guidance. Our professionals are licensed and we follow every rule set by the state to give you the driver’s license. In our traffic school, you will not only get detailed lessons about driving itself but also detailed lessons about defensive driving.

“I am a senior citizen and I just took my driver’s license. I had such a pleasure working with the people of the staff. Everyone was so polite to me and the instructor helped me out in every difficulty that I had. Now I am a really good driver and it is all thanks to this driving school” – Melanie O.

One of our senior driving school students

Senior Driving School

Seniors that want to learn how to drive are more than welcome in our Windsor driving school. We make sure to teach them every part of the process since they are at a delicate age, it is important they get the proper kind of learning that fits them the best.

Class of G1 test practice students in Windsor

G1 Test Practice/Lessons

For those that want to get the learning license, and take the G1 test, they can call our Driving School in Windsor Ontario directly and set an appointment where they can learn more about the process, how long it takes, the cost of the process and other things. The G1 test is important because it teaches the student the theoretical side while also gives an insight into the practice side.

“When my older brother took his driver’s license, I remember him being so distressed every time that he came back from the driving school. As far as I know, the instructor was really rude and would fail him over nothing. That’s why I chose this driving school, a driving school I can trust and a teen driving school who prepared me for the future.” – Andy J.

A client behind the wheel for her G2 test practice lessons

G2 Test Practice/Lessons

The in-car driving lessons are the most important phase of all. This is where the theory learned is tested and where the instructor really gets to see if the student is ready for the road or not. I have advised on other services that it is really important to study and to practice in order to get the proper knowledge and skill and then be ready for the test.

A girl looking over her shoulder to check for oncoming traffic

Defense Driving School

What is more important than our safety and the safety of others? It is so easy for people to forget the safety measures when they are driving but it is important that we learn them and remember to respect them. Always make sure that everyone inside the car is wearing a seatbelt. Make sure you have a head rester and that you are constantly watching yourself and the other drivers.

“Taking the G-2 test was so much fun. The instructor was an easygoing person who was always available to help me whenever I would get stuck at something I couldn’t remember for the moment. Worth every dollar spent.” – Ben H.

Call Us Today

You can contact us via phone and talk to one of our operators who would be more than glad to explain to you everything that you need to know about the time periods of our services or about a cost of a specific service. Our experts are always opened to questions and we make our best to give out the most real answers possible. Call us now and set an appointment.